Sutton Foster on Parenting amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: 'Some Days You're Gonna Suck'

The Younger actress shares her 3½-year-old daughter Emily with her husband, Ted Griffin

Sutton Foster is keeping it real when it comes to parenting amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with PEOPLE as she promotes her partnership with LACTAID milk, which is 100 percent real milk without the lactose, the 45-year-old actress says that there are both good days and bad days when it comes to parenting during the global health crisis — just like with anything else.

"None of this can be controlled," she tells PEOPLE exclusively. "You just have to lean into the uncertainty and also enjoy the moments."

"Some days you're gonna crush it and some days you're gonna suck and that's okay," she adds. "All of it is okay."

Foster, who has been sheltering in place outside of New York City with her husband, Ted Griffin, and their 3½-year-old daughter Emily throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, adds that this situation is just temporary.

"It's hard to make decisions where there's so much unknown," she says. "Each day you have to just take it one day at a time and be gentle on yourself."

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"Especially being a parent," Foster adds. "Some days you're crushing it as a parent. You've got the craft project out ... we're baking together, we're biking, we're doing all the things. And then the next day, you're like, 'I don't got it.' "

She continues, "I got to turn Daniel Tiger on and I need help. I gotta tap out."

But for Foster, one way she knows she is doing right by her daughter is through her latest gig, where she teamed up with LACTAID for their new commercial alongside Cookie Monster.

"I get mad props for being friends with Cookie Monster," she tells PEOPLE. "Cookie Monster sent Emily a very special video, so she has her own personal message from [him], which I think I was a little more excited about than she was."

The ad, which finds the adorable cookie loving creature chatting with Foster — socially distanced of course — was filmed from the Younger star's own home, where she had some help from those around her to make the commercial a reality.

Noting that her husband played the role of Cookie Monster off-screen and their nanny was behind the camera, Foster says they had their own little film studio that they made work as a team effort.

And despite all of the chaos that has come along with the pandemic, Foster notes that the time together with her family has been so important to not only her and her husband, but their young daughter as well.

"It's the first time that we've all been together for this amount of concentrated time without one of us traveling or having to leave for work every day," Foster says. "So we've had every wake up, every night night, every breakfast, lunch and dinner [together].

"Especially breakfast and dinner," Foster shares. "We're all sitting at the table and now my daughter will ask everyone, 'How was your day?' We all like to sit down and talk and we've made it a really important part of our day that we come together as a family."

Adding that the trio is "trying to make the most of this time," Foster also says her daughter is "really thriving" because "we're all together."

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