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Updated February 07, 2010 02:00 PM

It didn’t take a role in The Lovely Bones to force Susan Sarandon to contemplate the unthinkable scenario of losing a child. Mom to Eva, 24, Jack Henry, 20, and Miles Guthrie, 17, Susan says that the circle of life is something she is acutely aware of.

“When you have kids everyone talks about how much you appreciate life but what they don’t tell you is that the second you have a child you think about death,” the actress, 63, notes in a new interview. “I never thought about my mortality — or anybody else’s — until I had children, and I had my kids really late.”

Alluding to a scene in the bestselling book and now film, Susan adds,

At the same time, watching her three children blossom into adults has brought with it a sense of peace. “You have to trust in the universe,” she says, “give them as much love as possible and put a light around them and send them out because you also can’t protect them. That’s the other thing this movie says.”

Eva is Susan’s child with ex-boyfriend Franco Amurri; Jack Henry and Miles are her children with ex-partner Tim Robbins. The Lovely Bones is in theaters now.

Source: Daily Record