The Worst Mom Advice Susan Sarandon Ever Received Was ' "Don't Have the Baby" ': 'As Though It Would Ruin My Career'

"Perfection requires too much energy, so I gave it up a while ago," mom, grandma and Hollywood veteran Susan Sarandon tells Good Housekeeping

Susan Sarandon +Kathryn Hahn - Good HousekeepingPhoto: Chris Craymer
Photo: Chris Craymer

Susan Sarandon doesn’t regret a second of how — and when — she became a mom.

The veteran actress and her A Bad Moms Christmas costar (and on-screen daughter) Kathryn Hahn cover Good Housekeeping‘s double Thanksgiving Special issue, chatting about their real-life parenting experiences.

“I think it was ‘Don’t have the baby,’ as though it would ruin my career, and I was so old anyway,” Sarandon — who is mom to the now-grown-up Miles Robbins, 25, Jack Robbins, 28, and Eva Amurri Martino, 32 — says of the worst advice she ever received from another mom.

“I had my first baby at 39 and my third at 45, and with each child, [people were] like, ‘Are you crazy? Don’t!’ ” adds the Rocky Horror Picture Show star, now 71.

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Susan Sarandon +Kathryn Hahn - Good HousekeepingPhoto: Chris Craymer
Chris Craymer

On the flip side, 44-year-old Hahn shares that the best advice she received was the adage, “the days are long, but the years are short.” (She and husband Ethan Sandler share daughter Mae, 8, and son Leonard, 10).

“It’s true, when you’re in young parenthood … I would dread the night. But it also goes by so freakin’ fast — it’s like instant nostalgia, being a parent,” she says. “I remember looking at 3-to-6-month onesies and thinking, ‘Oh, she’ll never be in those,’ and now my daughter uses them for her dolls.”

But the Crossing Jordan alum has a great support system. “I found my tribe of moms who have the same philosophy as I do of not taking myself too seriously,” she says. “We have a thing we say: ‘Unsubscribe!’ If there is any noise coming at us, we just unsubscribe.”

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Sarandon is the self-professed “silly grandmother” when it comes to Amurri Martino’s little ones: Major James, 1 this month, and 3-year-old Marlowe Mae — or rather, “Honey,” as her grandchildren know her.

“All my kids have a sense of humor,” she shares. “I even have a clown nose for having serious conversations — it stops you from getting emotionally loaded.”

It helps that the star lives in the moment. “Perfection requires too much energy, so I gave it up a while ago,” she explains. “It comes in handy when you age, because there is this idea of beauty being perfection. Embracing what it is about you that makes you an individual goes hand in hand with that.”

Susan Sarandon +Kathryn Hahn - Good HousekeepingPhoto: Chris Craymer
Chris Craymer

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Her silly side helps the Oscar winner keep a positive, present and realistic outlook — a theme she says is explored throughout her newest film. “When I’m not happy, it’s because I’ve lost my perspective and things that are not going to matter in five years or even five hours have taken over,” says Sarandon.

A Bad Moms Christmas is about losing perspective and setting ridiculous goals that get in the way of what should be fun at the holidays,” she explains. “Just surrender the idea that you’re going to do everything right, because the odds are not in your favor.”

A Bad Moms Christmas opens nationwide Nov. 1.

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