Behind the scenes of Suri's Vanity Fair shoot

Jane Sarkin, Vanity Fair‘s features editor, talked to CBS The Early Show co-anchor Rene Sylerthis morning about photo shoot behind the infamous Suri Cruise cover and photo spread. She revealed her observations from the five day photo shoot in Telluride,CO, with Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, photographer Annie Leibovitz and of course, the fabulous Miss Suri Cruise.

Here are some choice tidbits.

-Tom and Katie gave them full access.
"It was incredible. It was an open experience. Theylet us go wherever we wanted. We shot whatever we wanted. We were therefor five days. Annie Leibovitz and I did everything together. And itwas a really incredible experience for us. Tom has never allowed anyoneinto his private world like that and I don’t think he ever will again."

-Tomis a great dad and Katie is a great mom.
"Itwas amazing to see the biggest movie star in the world trying to cuddlehis little baby, feeding the baby, put the baby to sleep. He’s a very hands-on father, and she is an incredible mother."

-Katie doesn’t have a full-time nanny and her stepkids Connor and Bella help out.
"She is such a hands-on mother. They have very little help in thehouse, which was another thing that was incredible. Butshe does everything with that baby. Actually, Connor and Bella, Tom’schildren, are so helpful as well. They all chip in."

-Katie has been deeply hurt by the rumors about Suri and about her relationship with Tom.
"Katie actually took me asideand said ‘I want to talk to you privately about how all the rumors inthe press have really hurt me, hurt my family. Ijust want to be happy. I just want to take care of my children. I’mplanning a wedding. I’m so excited. I’m so in love with Tom. We’re sohappy together,’ and the rumors really hurt her."

Source: CBS ShowBuzz

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