July 10, 2006 06:31 AM

TMZ has obtained, what is apparently, a copy of Suri Cruise’s birth certificate. The birth certificate reveals that Suri was born at St. John’s hospital (health centre).

EDIT: A hospital representative revealed the following information

-The birth certificate was filed on May 8th, 20 days after her birth, which is 10 days after the allowed policy set out by St.John’s.

-This signing was delayed because neither Katie, nor Tom was able to go in and sign the certificate. Instead, a "friend", whose signature is not legible signed as a witness.

-The attendent or supervisor, who signed the birth certificate was suppose to be present during the birth. Apparently, she was not. This happened because the doctor that was apparently present during the birth, was unable to sign. They also added that while the doctor present during the birth, normally signs, it is not a requirement.

The eventual signing of the birth certificate was triggered by the fact that Suri required a passport to travel with her parents.

Also to note is that Katie’s name now appears as "Kate", rather than her birth name of Katherine. Suri, also does not have a middle name, it’s just "Suri Cruise."

Source: TMZ

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