Suri Cruise: We've seen the photos and now what?

Update: Oh No They Didn’t has the entire spread.

We’ve seen the Vanity Fair photos of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ baby Suri and everyone’s talking! Could this be the most popular watercooler conversation ever?

  • Here are the overall impressions we’ve noted from the comments on our site and others:
  • Suri looks like Tom.
  • Suri looks like Katie.
  • Suri is at the very least cute, with some people saying that she is extremely beautiful while others are saying she’s cute.
  • Suri has A LOT of hair, with some people either joking or believing that she is wearing a wig. (We think it’s her own hair. Some babies have a LOT of hair and some people have very little. Also, some people are saying that proof she’s wearing a wig is that you can see blond hair in the back. We believe the sun is reflecting off her hair.)
  • Suri looks Asian due to her black hair and her almond shaped eyes. (We find this really funny because contrary to mainstream belief, non-Asian people have almond shaped eyes and black hair too! )
  • Suri looks older than 3 1/2 months old (her age at the time of the photoshoot)

What do you think?

(By the way, we will be returning to our regularly scheduled non-Suri content after I go out and get my bagel and copy of Vanity Fair.)

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