When Jane Sarkin, Vanity Fair‘s features editor, appeared on CBS’s The Early Show this morning about the infamous Suri Cruise photo shoot , she revealed why it took so long for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to release photos of baby Suri and why they didn’t just release photos to quiet rumors.

-Why didit take so long to show us the baby?
"The baby was born just as "Mission: Impossible III" was comingout. Tom was on this whirlwind press tower. He wanted to just get home,be with the baby, be with the children, his family and friends and theyweren’t really hiding the baby. They just didn’twant to release a photo right way. They were always planning on it butthen this whole controversy started, ‘Where is Suri? Why are theyhiding her?’ They were not hiding anyone. In fact, they were alwaysplanning on releasing the picture."

-Why not just release a photo and end the rumors?
"Whenall the controversy started, they just didn’t want to at that point. They wanted to just stay home, take care of their familyand then, finally, I called and called and called and they said, ‘OK,can you come to Telluride next week?’ And we went and we were soexcited to be there."

Unfortunately, she did not mention why Tom and Katie have virtually sequestered the baby.

Source: CBS ShowBuzz