The hunt for photographic proof of Suri Cruise, almost 3 months old, continues. She & mommy Katie Holmes are currently staying in Telluride, Colorado, though there is no sign of daddy Tom. Telluride locals, including a clerk at a natural foods store, say they have seen Suri and she is "funny-looking." While conspiracy theories on what Suri looks like and if she even exists run rampant on the ‘net, one article says a camera-shy Cruise babe is nothing new. "When he and Nicole Kidman were married, their two adopted children weren’t photographed until 1996, when son Conor Anthony was a year old and daughter Isabella Jane was 3." Katie recently told Us Weekly that "Suri’s doing great!" Next week’s issue of Us even speculates that Katie could be pregnant again!

Which do you think will come first: a picture of Suri Cruise or Tom & Katie announcing another pregnancy?

Sources: and Seattle PI