By peoplestaff225
Updated May 31, 2007 10:48 AM

German supermodel Clauda Schiffer, 36, gave the German newspaper Bild a short interview in Cannes in which she spoke about her kids and family. She is married to producer Matthew Vaughn, 36, with whom she has children Caspar, 4, and Clementine, 2 1/2. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On making more movies: I consider this matter closed. I did some movies but back then I didn’t have a husband and children. I think that actresses who have children have to love their job so much that they prefer to some extent to be separated from their families [in order to make a movie]. My passion is my family and the world of fashion. [My family] is the reason why I reject 80 percent of the shootings I’m offered.

On Clementine becoming a model: If she really wants to do it, I would support her because I only had positive experiences. I would help her to find the right agent. But I would prefer that she wouldn’t start too young but at 17.

What does she wish for? I only want that my family and I stay healthy. Since having children this has been my only wish.

On having a third child and adopting: I don’t rule it out but it would be nice if my daughter is a bit older. If I hadn’t been able to have children on my own, I would have done it [adopted] for sure. But with having my own family it isn’t an option for me anymore. But I think it’s great if people do it.


Thanks to CBB reader Cornelia for translating the interview.