Update: Supermodel Natalia Vodianova doesn't want to leave kids behind

Update: Added photo from article.

Originally posted February 17th: Supermodel Natalia Vodianova, 26, finds it hard to leave her family behind while working so she takes them along. She and husband Justin Portman are parents to Lucas Alexander, 6, Neva, 23 months, and Viktor, 5 months, and they often travel with their famous mom.

When I just had Lucas we took him everywhere with us. Lucas is an easy-going child — he went to the shows, shoots, whatever. But when Neva was born, she liked her routine. So I had to commit to going away and leaving them behind. I’m really happy because I’ve got the most amazing work but it’s always depressing. I feel it on the inside — I tear myself apart.

Source: Hello! February 19, 2008 issue, pg. 122 – 125.

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