Sunflower Hill Soap: A little ray of sunshine for your little one

With a philosophy of "real beauty comes from within," Sunflower Hill Soap has been doing its part to make the women of the world feel beautiful for years. And while we all like to think our baby is the most beautiful in the world, with the launch of Sunflower Hill Soap’s new baby line, he or she can at least smell like they are, too! We recently tested the entire line, and were very happy with the results.

Love That Baby Bath Soak ($15) comes in the form of several tea bags filled with ground oatmeal, lavender buds, calendula petals, goat’s milk powder and lavender essential oils that you hold under warm running water as you draw baby’s bath. The aroma was wonderful and, just as the company claims, the bath really did seem to calm our fussy (teething) baby, Sam.

Love That Baby Gentle Oats Body Wash ($15) is a great tear-free, oatmeal-based wash that definitely agreed with the boys. It’s not overly-sudsy, which for us is a good thing, as both boys have sensitive skin that dries out very easily, especially in the winter. The addition of lavender and chamomile essential oils is a nice, luxurious touch.

Love That Baby Oil ($15) is definitely a big upgrade from the traditional baby oil you might be using. A sunflower-based oil with a touch of lavender essential oil, Love That Baby Oil works great in conjunction with the Gentle Oats Body Wash or on its own as a moisturizer. We love that its not as greasy as other oils; The skin absorbs it rather easily and is left feeling smooth and smelling great.

Love That Baby Bum Bum Balm ($8) is a great multi-purpose balm designed for diaper changes but also very useful in protecting chapped cheeks, chins, fingers and toes. We used it for pretty much all of these purposes and were really pleased — especially with how well it protected the boys’ cheeks on some really cold and windy days.

The company also has a wide range of pre-existing products for bigger kids, including ‘Bog Wash’ and adorable ‘Frog in a Bog’ and ‘Fish in a Bag’ soaps. Using only the best ingredients, including essential and fragrance oils, glycerin and fixed oils, Sunflower Hill Soap’s products are packaged primarily in recyclable materials and are never tested on animals. Need a little more incentive to give Sunflower Hill Soap a shot? The company says on its website that it is "committed to hiring local women and allowing them to control their own work schedules with us" as "one more way we are supporting the women of Maine." One more great reason to buy from Sunflower Hill Soap!

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