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It’s been almost 17 years since Elton left Cher stranded in the Valley in front of a liquor store in 1995’s cult classic Clueless. It wasn’t the best way to win a girl’s heart, but luckily, he’s getting a second chance.

Reunited and playing love interests on Suburgatory, Jeremy Sisto and Alicia Silverstone finally “get serious,” the actor tells PEOPLE while on the set of their skit, which nods to the infamous Clueless scene.

“We met at the farmer’s market and we have insane chemistry,” says Sisto of their roles on his new show. “But do we ever have sex?”

Quips Silverstone, “We’ll leave that to the audience to see.”

In real life the pair, who never dated, did have crushes on each other.

“We almost kissed,” says Sisto, 37, recalling working together on Hideaway, their first film together.

“But she ignored me when we were on Clueless because she was like, the star,” jokes Sisto, before quickly adding, “No, I’m kidding.”

Now the two are parents. Silverstone is mom to 11-month-old son Bear Blu, while Sisto is dad to daughter Charlie Ballerina, 2½, and his new son, 6½-week-old Bastian Kick.

“Yesterday Bear started pushing this vintage chair his grandmother gave him,” says Silverstone, 35. “It’s the sweetest thing ever! He’s almost standing [on his own] and he’s walking with the chair. So that was insane.”

Says Sisto of his daughter, “Charlie has been finding songs that she likes over the last couple of weeks. She’ll be like, ‘Play that, “Toss it in the trash,”‘ he shares.

“Then I have to call my wife and ask, ‘Which song has “Toss it in the trash” in it?’ It was Bruno Mars‘s “Grenade. She is taking in everything. She’s so smart now. She’s awesome.”

The parents also bring their kids to the set.

“Charlie was coming every day, but then there were a couple of times where she was making some noise while filming and my wife got stressed,” explains Sisto. “I don’t like being away for a day. It’s not a good day if I leave before Charlie wakes up.”

Adds Silverstone, “Jeremy was trying to figure out Bastian’s name on set. He had the Kick part, but not Bastian yet. It’s a beautiful name.”

The Clueless cast – Paramount

As far as keeping up with the rest of the Clueless cast, Sisto says, “My kid is similar in age to Paul Rudd‘s [daughter] so we have dinner sometimes. I see Breckin [Meyer] every now and then when mutual friends have game night. And I was friends with Brittany [Murphy].”

Now grown-ups and not just kids, “starting our careers,” says Sisto, “It’s good to reconnect at the same point in our lives. We’re starting again.”

Catch Silverstone and Sisto’s four-episode arc on Suburgatory Wednesday nights, starting April 18, on ABC.

— Jessica Herndon

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