Ever wonder what strollers your favorite celebs schlep their kiddos around town in? US Weekly has a spread featuring the most popular celeb carriages and it’s not just the ubiquitous Bugaboo!

Orbit Baby: Gwen Stefani has the new Orbit Infant System with a car sear, car base and stroller seat which rotates 360 degrees so Kingston can face whoever’s driving, forward or even sideways! ($899 at

Baby Jogger Q-Series: Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger steer Matilda around Brooklyn in one of these super smooth jogging strollers. As I’ve mentioned before, the Baby Jogger City Series is my recommendation for stroller system as they now offer an infant seat attachment and a bassinet. ($250 at

Stokke Xplory: Do you live on Mars or want to look like you do? Angelina Jolie bought one of these freaky looking puppies. Courtney Cox-Arquette was probably one of the first celebs to drive this in public. My husband and I considered getting one but didn’t like that it’s all plastic. It is pretty damn cool looking. ($950 at

Maclaren Ryder: Heidi Klum drives Leni (and possibly even Henry) in the quintessential New York City stroller. It is impossible to walk around New York and not see at least 3 out of 4 kids riding in them. I wonder if Kate Hudson has one for her son Ryder. ($250at

Silver Cross Micro V2: Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have one of these super lightweight umbrella strollers. When a Maclaren will do but you want to spend more money… ($149 at

Bugaboo Cameleon: Gwyneth Paltrow is just one of many celebsdriving a Cameleon. She may even be responsible for starting the celebBugaboo craze! Who else drives a Bugaboo? The question is more like,who doesn’t! ($879 at

Do you have any of these celeb strollers? What do you like/dislike about it?

Source: US Weekly, July 10, 2006

To read about why I chose the Bugaboo Frog and my responses to some of the questions posed by Posters, please click the extended post.

To Poster Layla’s Mommy: You can use the Bugaboo up to 40lbs. My nephew is 5 and weighs around 35 lbs so I think it’s good fora big toddler or a lazy kindergartener!

One of the reasons we chose the Bugaboo Frog was for the reversibility-the baby can face forward and towards you. I found this great articleat About.comabout other reversible strollers. They include Besides the moreexpensive strollers like the Stokke Xplory, Bugaboo Frog, Cameleon,Gecko and the Quinny Buzz (which is hard to find in the US), the lessexpensive models include Rock Star Baby, Fisher Price Infant toToddler, Hauck I’Coo Infinity and Peg Perego Venezia.

We also liked that the Bugaboo had a bassinet. As Poster Charlottealuded, We have also read that it’s not good for babies spines to be inthe seated/curled up position for so much time- like they are when theyare in the infant car seat that many people use with a Snap and Go typeframe as a stroller. Yet, you CAN use an infant car seat (Peg Peregoand Graco only) with the Bugaboo. We also liked/needed thesuspension. Living in NYC, you do a LOT of walking and the littleplastic wheels on a $50 stroller were not going to cut it for us. Yes,I know tons of New Yorkers are quite satisfied with their inexpensivestrollers but…

The other reason we chose the Bugaboo Frog is it’s JUST so coollooking. My husband and I are into the way things look so Anya’svehicle was going to have to look cool.

As for the price, I agree- the price is absurd but it had all of the features we wanted.