"Stolen" Britney Spears photos

Just days after the stolen Brangelina Shower photos surfaced on the internet, there is a rumor that photos of Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and their son Sean Preston that will be published in this week’s issue of US Weekly have been stolen. JustJared has the photos and reader comments on his site suggest that they were actually leaked by Brit’s camp to show how incredibly happy Britney and Kevin are.

A reliable source tells the Celebrity Baby Blog that the photos were purchased from Splash, a photo agency. We think the rumor started because people probably assume that they are stolen because they are intimate private moments and they were not sold by Britney. We highly doubt that US Weekly would be dumb enough to publish stolen photos. They have even more lawyers than we do!

Do you think the photos were really stolen? Click the extended post to take our poll!

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