Stokke Xplory: Space Age Meets Stroller

Stokke is a company that believes in having a baby close to you and how that will help further develop and foster your bond. And they carry this concept through all of their consumer products, from stroller to high chair to changing table.

The Stokke Xplory is one of the most amazing strollers I’ve ever laid eyes on, both in what it can do and how it looks while it does it. This stroller is as much a conversation piece as it is functional, and believe me it does both really well. Danielle originally reviewed this stroller last year, you can read her take on this stroller, here.

It’s also a tinsel town magnet, as Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Christina Aguilera, Tori Spelling, Angelina Jolie and Courteney Cox-Arquette are among the celebrities who have owned this innovative stroller.

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The Seat/The Bassinet

The Stokke Xplory’s seat and bassinet are made of a great canvasmaterial that repels water and stands up to stains very well. It evenwipes clean easily, is easy to remove and wash and offered my child both comfort and support.Included in the seat textile setare the seat upholstery, canopy, mosquito net,rain cover, shopping bag, seat pocket, infant body pillow, and shoulderstrap pads. I also love the colors it comes in, the Red and Turquoiseare bright and bold, while the Cream and Black are perfectly neutraland the Olive and Orange are hip and stylish. It’s almost impossible topick just one color, and if you’re like me you’ll be happy to know thatyou can order extra textile sets online in whatever colors you want.Making this stroller truly a fashion statement.

Theseat itself is perfectly proportionate. I found that my toddler fitwell in the seat, and it comes with an infant body pillow to supportsmaller children as they grow. One of the things Stokke is mostpassionate about is proper back support, for parents and children.While the stroller is designed to accommodate parents of any height,the seat does the same for the rider. The footrest is completelyadjustable, ensuring no unnecessary stress is placed on your child’sspine from dangling feet. For your child’s safety there is a five-pointharness that is completely adjustable and easy to use.

The seatcan face rear or forward and can recline to 5 separate positions. Onesmall downside is that, unfortunately, the seat cannot fully reclinewhen facing outward. On the upside, children get a great view of theworld with the telescoping seat that can slide up and down on the frameto many different positions. My child LOVED this feature, and I foundit particularly helpful when out and about. I’m 5’7" so anything thathelps bring my child closer to me is a plus. I’ve always hated how lowto the ground most strollers put my daughter and this one solved thatproblem brilliantly.

Reclining the seat is easy enough to do,but does require a two-handed maneuver. And lifting the seat off thechassis is not something that can be done with the child in the seat.Matching the sides up to place the seat back requires a keen eye andyou have to remove the footrest before switching the seat around aswell. But without your child in the seat, it’s easy enough to do andclips back in place quickly and effortlessly.

The bassinet is called a carry cot and comes with the purchase of the Stokke Xplory Complete (the Stokke Xplory Basic comes with just the child seat and frame). The carry cot textile setincludes the carry cot liner with handles, mattress pad, canopy, carrycot cover and coordinated blanket. With the great carrying handles andcompletely flat bottom, this bassinet easily doubles as an, admittedly hefty, moses basket.

The seat and bassinet are completely independent of each otherwhich means you can use them both at the same time, unlike some otherluxury strollers. The textiles in the carry cot are made of the samegreat canvas as the seat, while the blankets and liners are plush andcomfy. With the carry cot on the frame you have easy access to yourchild at any height and again the handles come in handy if you want tolift it off the frame with baby still in it.

There are several great accessories for both the seat and carry cot, including two different sleeping bags and a footmuff (left). The frame is designed to work with two major manufacturers of car seats (Peg Perego, and Graco), too.

The Frame

Theframe is made of a lightweight aluminum with automobile-grade plastic.I’ve seen some people complain in their reviews about the plasticparts, but they didn’t bother me one bit. The frame is truly marvelouswith its unique almost tripod-like styling. It supports the seat andcarry cot with ease and while I questioned it’s stability when I firstgot it, after using it I realized it could handle anything.

Onelittle detail that greatly improved the ease of use of the StokkeXplory for me was the missing cross bar between the rear wheels. As Ipreviously mentioned, I’m 5’7" and have very long legs and I found somestrollers greatly decreased my strides. Not this one! I was able topush it easily and take the steps that I found most comfortable.

Atthe front of the frame is what almost looks like a ride-on board thatthe storage bag can clip to. It doesn’t mention that it could be usedfor an additional rider, but I did let my friend’s older nephew use itwhile I pushed my daughter, and he had no complaints. I do not recommend you try this yourself! And the storage bag can holda lot of stuff and is completely removable, meaning anything you shovein it can be carried around in it from stroller, to car, to home.

Thetripod style of the frame was completely functional, as you can use itwith all the wheels fully extended or kick the back wheels in to use itas a two-wheeling marvel. This feature is very handy on escalators, andrequires a little practice to get just right. The handlebar extends toseveral positions, making it very handy for people of various heightsand it also can be positioned at various angles for ease of push.

Thelarge rear wheels in the back are stable and easy to use, while thesmaller front wheels allow you to go in whatever direction you need.The frame is extremely minimalist and is easy to squeeze in tightplaces. I liked how modern the styling was, though I could have gonewithout the CONSTANT comments from passers-by. Though everyone seemedtruly intrigued and I had tons of people ask me how to get one.

The Fold

Folding the stroller is a two-handed taskthat takes no time at all. First of all be sure the seat is in theforward-facing position (or remove it from the frame) and then pull upon the grey tab in the back, middle of the frame. This releases the wheels, one little jerk upward and the rear wheels drop into the front. It is immediately in locked mode and ready to store. For a more compact fold you can slide the seat all the way down it’s track and push the handlebar all the way in.

Unfolding is quite easy as well, you just pull up on the grey tab in the back, middle of the frame and lift the frame so the rear wheels can swing outward. They click into place and you’re ready to stroll. It doesn’t get any easier! It fits into my large SUV perfectly fine with some room to spare. Though it does require a slight heft to get it up and in.

The Ride

The ride on this stroller was exceptional. The front wheels swivel with ease and it rides fine over rough terrain. It doesn’t have air pumped tires, so you feel a bit more of the ground, but this didn’t bother me or my daughter one bit. I found it a breeze to push around the mall or to our local park and my daughter really did enjoy the benefits of the higher seat.

Final Thoughts

This stroller is, at first glance, weird, and I mean that in a positive way. People stare and make comments but almost all are really intrigued by it’s great style and ease of use. I found I really liked it and appreciated all its features. The telescoping seat is brilliant and the carry cot is amazing. It only falls short in trivial places. Like it doesn’t have a cup holder, though I bet the after-market ones would work. It also doesn’t fold to an ultra compact size, but for my suburban lifestyle it fit just fine.

Stokke’s site is loaded withinformation and features of this wonderous stroller, including a great product demo video.

— Bronwyn

The separate carry cot/seat textiles and materials
Telescoping child seat
Great, versatile accessories

Doesn’t have a cup holder
The front wheels don’t lock straight
Can’t fully recline when seat is forward facing

Tip Test (Empty stroller with weighted diaper bag hanging from handlebar)

5lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards
10lbs: No change — it didn’t tip any easier backwards (this frame held it’s own, even with an empty seat)

Buy Yours

You can get your Stokke Xplory at Let’s Go Strolling or by checking Stokke’s site for a where to buy guide.

Stokke Xplory Specifications

Stroller Name Stokke
Manufacturer Xplory
Price $ 899 for basic
Weight with seat 23.15 lbs
Folded Dimensions 22.8 x 16.8 x 39.6"
Stroller Width 22.8"
Stroller Length 29"
Seat Back Length 22"
Seat Width 9.5"
Seat Depth 10"
Max. Weight Limit 40 lbs
Max. Height Limit N/A
Min. Age Birth
Frame Aluminum
Type of Tires Rear – Rubber wheels with air bubbles
Front — Hard plastic swivel wheels
Seat Features 5 position tilting recline
Rear-facing or Forward-facing
Color Options Cream, Black, Red, Turquoise, Olive, Orange
Carseat Compatibility Graco SnugRide
Standard Accessories Storage Bag
Optional Accessories Carseat Adaptor
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