Stokke TRIPP TRAPP Accessories: Bringing Baby to the Table

The Stokke TRIPP TRAPP highchair (starting at $250) was one of our most successful baby gear investments when my son was younger. In fact, as a four-year-old, he still uses it many times a day. So there was no doubt that when it came time to get a highchair for our daughter, we’d get a Stokke TRIPP TRAPP (plus, she couldn’t inherit her brother’s since he’s still using it!). Lucky for us (and her), there have been some great new additions to the Stokke TRIPP TRAPP line recently.

The TRIPP TRAPP Baby Set ($90) is the key to using this excellent highchair right from the start. Babies as young as six months can sit in the TRIPP TRAPP thanks to the addition of a special safety rail and a back support. Now the TRIPP TRAPP is the only seat you’ll ever need for baby.

The TRIPP TRAPP Cushion (starting at $45) makes everything all the more comfortable for baby and even easier on the eyes for mom. Admittedly, I find things start to get a bit cramped with the addition of the Cushion to the Baby Set, but I think for a young baby it would be perfect and I know from experience that the cushion is great once the baby set is removed. Stokke has some specially coated cushion options (I have and love the Tales Pink one) for even easier clean up.

The TRIPP TRAPP Table Top ($90) is my favorite new addition to the Stokke line. Unlike a highchair tray, which separates a baby from the rest of the family at the table, the Table Top allows baby to sit with everyone else. It attaches with innovative, low-profile suction cups that won’t budge from where you put them unless you want them to. The lip around the edge of the tray catches wayward food and drinks. And there are interchangeable picture mats that go under the tray and offer unique, age-appropriate learning experiences. Stokke, a company known for thinking of everything, even includes an inspiration book to teach parents the best ways to use each template.

Just because babies like to throw peas and snort water doesn’t mean they aren’t great table companions (heck, maybe it means that they are!). Our family, for one, is glad that Stokke is helping to bring all the littlest ones right up where they belong: at the table with everyone else.

— Stephanie

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