Steve Zahn on YoBaby yogurt and being mistaken for Don Cheadle

Although Steve Zahn has played numerous roles in his long career, he admits that portraying a black man has not been among them. However, that didn’t stop the 40-year-old actor’s son Henry James, 7 ½, from excitedly — yet mistakenly — pointing out his father in print.

Once, my son opened a magazine and said, "Dad, that’s you!" It was a picture of Don Cheadle! I was like, "That’s great. You’re colorblind." I guess he thinks, "Dad’s in magazines."

Along with Henry, Steve and his wife Robin are also parents to 5½-year old daughter Audrey. Steve explains that his parenting style lends itself more towards question and answer sessions rather than an attempt to shield his children.

[I don’t let my kids watch] about 50% of my stuff! But I don’t spenda lot of energy keeping them away from things. I spend more energyexplaining things, like, "Oh, those are dirty words," or "That’s allpretend."

With years of fatherhood experience under his belt, Steve enjoys doling out advice — having already given tips to close friend Matthew McConaughey on the joys of baby biting and vomiting, Steve moves on to pearls of wisdom in regards to solid food, remarking that "baby food is a trap for new parents."

YoBaby yogurt is very good for your baby. Just don’t finish it when they eat half of it because you’ll get fat in one week. I think I gained 20 lbs in a month just finishing off their food!

Source: People, February 11th issue, p. 30.

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