Steve Zahn talks about the transition to parenthood

That Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves are going to have a baby will both help and hurt our chances of continued snapshots of Matthew in his preferred, shirtless state — his friend and Sahara co-star Steve Zahn jokes.

[Babies] like to bite and grab your shirt, so he’ll have to wear a shirt. But now he’ll have an excuse to take it off, because they’ll throw up on it.

All joking aside, Steve says that Matthew will be "an awesome dad." But Steve, 40, warns that — like all first-time parents — Matthew’s lifestyle is in for some major changes.

It’s easy to work out when you’re single and you’ve got time and money. When your kids are screaming and you’re up from 2 to 5 a.m., it’s a little harder to work out.  It’s great having kids, but man, those first two years are tough! It’s a big transition. It’s just endurance.

Adds Steve,

All of the sudden nothing you do is that important anymore. It’s all about your kids. It’s just a tough adjustment at first, but it’s a beautiful thing.

Steve has two children — 7 ½-year-old Henry James and 5 ½-year-old Audrey — with wife Robyn Peterman.

Source: People

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