All the Times Baby Grace Followed in Her Grandpa Steve Irwin's Footsteps

Grace Warrior has a love for animals just like her late grandpa Steve Irwin! Check out all the times Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell's little girl followed in her grandfather's wildlife-loving footsteps.

Steve Irwin Bindi Irwin
Photo: Bindi Irwin/Instagram
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Turtle Time

steve irwin, grace warrior
Austraila Zoo/Instagram; Chandler Powell/Instagram

Mirroring her grandpa's love for wildlife conservation, baby Grace joined her mom Bindi Irwin and dad Chandler Powell to release a group of rehabilitated sea turtles in honor of her grandma Terri Irwin's 57th birthday.

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Bird Buddies

steve irwin, grace warrior
Australia Zoo/Instagram; Robert Irwin/Instagram

When it comes to their love for animals, Grace and her grandpa are two birds of a feather.

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Hop to It

steve irwin, grace warrior
Bindi Irwin/Instagram; Chandler Powell/Instagram

Like grandpa, like granddaughter!

"Introducing our @australiazoo kangaroo joey to our human joey🦘 Grace absolutely loved meeting the littlest roos with her mama❤️," dad Chandler Powell captioned this too-cute picture of baby Grace and her new furry friends.

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Koala Craze

steve irwin, grace warrior
Robert Irwin/Instagram; Chandler Powell/Instagram

Grandpa Steve (pictured here with son Robert Irwin) is passing down his love for koalas!

The proud parents introduced baby Grace to her first koala when she was only 2 months old.

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No Fear Here

steve irwin, grace warrior
Newspix/Getty Images; Bindi Irwin/Instagram

Crikey! Just like her grandpa Steve, baby Grace isn't afraid of getting up close to a crocodile.

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Smiles with Reptiles

steve irwin, grace warrior
Robert Irwin/Instagram; Chandler Powell/Instagram

Grandpa Steve and baby Grace are all smiles when hanging out with these reptiles.

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Puppy Love

steve irwin, grace warrior
Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images; Bindi Irwin/Instagram

Grace Warrior loves to spend time with her dog Piggy, just like her grandpa would hang out with their family dog Sui.

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Spiky Sidekicks

Steve Irwin Bindi Irwin
Bindi Irwin/Instagram

Grace Warrior isn't afraid to hang out with these spiky animals just like Grandpa Steve.

"Happiness is meeting an echidna for the very first time. Sweet Grace Warrior loved watching all the digging for ants. Monotremes (egg laying mammals) are the coolest," Bindi Irwin captioned an adorable Instagram shot of her little girl with an echidna.

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