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By Jen Juneau
May 07, 2019 03:40 PM

Almost seven years into fatherhood, Steph Curry has multitasking — and haircare! — on lock.

In a new clip from an upcoming episode of Stephen vs The Game, the Golden State Warriors point guard proves his focus off the court is just as sharp as on the court, doing his 3½-year-old daughter Ryan Carson‘s hair as the little girl begs her big sister Riley, 6½, to share her Doritos.

“Riley’s not sharing with me, Daddy!” Ryan says as the athlete’s older daughter munches on the chips.

In response, Riley gives her sister a bit of a side-eye but eventually relents and hands her younger sibling a handful of cheesy, crunchy goodness.

“This is all you get,” Riley says, which prompts their dad — who’s still working on Ryan’s hair — to gently scold his oldest child, “No, that’s not how you present sharing.”

But Ryan isn’t bothered in the least, adorably proclaiming, “Thank you!” before indulging herself.

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Steph Curry with daughters Ryan (L) and Riley
Steph Curry with daughter Ryan

Curry’s struggles aren’t over, though. As the family is traveling on a private plane, Ryan naturally wants to see out the window. One problem: Her hair isn’t quite finished.

“I wanna see the water, Daddy, I wanna see the water!” she says tearfully.

“What if we left it just like this?” jokes Curry, 31, holding her locks up in a makeshift ponytail with his hand, on the top of her head.

“No. You’re just joking, Daddy,” says Ryan before her dad gets back to work.

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Not only does lucky Ryan get her hair done by one of the most respected basketball players in the NBA, but he even shares his dessert with her, handing over a vanilla-frosted cupcake to the little girl without hesitation.

But Ryan’s sharing skills are on point. After she takes a couple of licks of the frosting (noticeably with her hair successfully pulled back), she holds the baked good out to her dad, who declines.

A later shot proves Ryan is more of a topping than a main-event-dessert kind of girl, showing the cupcake fully intact — but with the frosting gone altogether!

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