Perfect for ages two and up, the Step 2 All Around Art Tower (currently on sale for $60, reduced from $80) is ideal for families with multiple kids. Not only can it accommodate several toddlers or pre-schoolers at a time, but it can handle the weight of two climbing kids (which I found out firsthand).

It comes with two sturdy stools (11″ high) that tuck in neatly when not in use. Plus, you can use them as extra seating in other areas of your house. My twins love to carry them around and plop them down wherever they want. At the top, you’ll find a four arm prong with spring-loaded clips so you can keep your children’s art on display while they play.

My fave part is the two circular storage bins on the center pole. You can use them for markers, crayons or other supplies. Just remember the higher bin is harder for little ones to reach so until they grow taller, it’s best to keep the bulk of their art goodies in the lower bin.

Cleaning it is painless. Just wipe it down with spray cleaner or warm water. Smudges come off without a lot of elbow grease. Overall, my kids really enjoyed it. I’m just trying to figure out what to do with all the art they’ve made.

– Sarah, mom to twins Lily and Logan, 19 months, works part-time and obsesses over things that are perfect for two while simultaneously making her life a little easier