We call my 1-year-old son, Egan, “The Sockinator.” His favorite trick is pulling his socks off in the car seat, then sucking them until they’re soaked — frustrating me in the process. So we decided to test out the recently launched Stay With Me Socks ($6). They’re made with mini Velcro tabs that keep them secure in the front and back.

On our first try, we fastened them in back. Egan was able to get the Velcro tabs open by rubbing his feet on the stroller, but the socks still didn’t come off. On the second go round, we fastened them in front. This time my wily tot was unable to get the tabs open at all.

The Velcro tabs come in handy for other uses too. Our washer and dryer tend to eat baby socks, so we use the tabs to link the socks together so they won’t get lost. It also helps with matching them up afterward!

Go ahead, snap them up! These super cute socks come in an array of colors, stripes and solids.