Suri Cruise- more interest than ever

Despite CBB readers’ protestations of "enough already," this Nielsen BlogPulse chart shows there’s more interest than ever in the blogosphere about the mysterious Suri Cruise.

There was a huge spike around April 18th (her alleged date of birth) when 0.020% of blog postings mentioned her, then smaller spikes on May 28th, June 25th when the rumor emerged that dad Tom Cruise was unsuccessful in his pursuit to sell Suri’s photos for more than Shiloh‘s fetched, July 10th when Katie Holmes was spotted sans Suri in Telluride, and yet another big one on July 2oth when fellow Scientologist Leah Remini suddenly revealed that she had met Suri and blog postings spiked at 0.012%. Suri Cruise is (almost) more popular than ever!

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