Star Magazine's Reese Witherspoon Retraction

Oh No They Didn’t has posted a copy of Star magazine’s retraction of their recent statement that Reese Witherspoon was pregnant with her third child. The article features a large picture of Reese playing on the beach with her two children. Circling her stomach, Star writes, "Since she is not pregnant maybe it’s just a sign that it’s time to hit the gym!"

This retraction came just a week after Reese sued the magazine for invasion of privacy, claiming their pregnancy report "suggested that Reese was unwilling to tell producers of her upcoming films that she was pregnant."

Danielle’s note: This doesn’t seem to be the slickest way to cover yourself after screwing up royally. If you made the faux pas of asking when a non-pregnant woman was due, you would never say, "Oh, so you’re just fat?"

Source: Oh No They Didn’t and MSNBC

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