Star Magazine theorizes where we'll first see Suri Cruise

They don’t have any news but Star magazine‘s July 31st issue’s cover story is "What’s Wrong with Baby Suri- and Why is Katie Hiding Her?"

Their feature story, "Suri To Be Revealed! Where Will Suri Appear First?" suggests 6 places where we might first see the mysterious Miss Suri Cruise.

1. At one of Connor Cruise’s soccer games (odds 20:1)
2. At Tom and Katie’s wedding (odds 10:1)
3. At a Scientology event (odds 15:1)
4. On Oprah (odds 5:1)
5. On a magazine cover (odds 3:1)
6. On the red carpet of a major Hollywood event or Tom’s next movie premiere (odds 20:1)

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