Keibler's Pilates instructor, Nonna Gleyzer, explains how the fitness buff is prepping for her baby girl. Plus, details on her baby shower
Stacy Keibler Pregnant Club MomMe Spring Family Fest

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She may be just a couple months away from new mommyhood, but Stacy Keibler isn’t letting her growing belly slow her down one bit.

“She wants to be as healthy and as strong as possible for her baby,” says Nonna Gleyzer, Keibler’s Pilates instructor. “The focus is on keeping her body strength and also keeping her body aligned.”

Gleyzer, who works with Keibler up to four times a week using traditional Pilates methods as well as customized strengthening exercises, says the mom-to-be has taken “naturally” to pregnancy.

“We didn’t have to change much [about her pre-pregnancy routine],” says Gleyzer. “We just do less repetitions and less moves on her back. We’re keeping the muscles strong and long. And we do lower abs and deep breathing which will help with the birth!”

So is Keibler’s husband of 3 months, tech entrepreneur Jared Pobre, keeping his strength up too? “They’re both physically active,” says Gleyzer, who also trains with Pobre.

“Stacy is strong but so is Jared. He’s incredibly focused and incredibly serious. They’re so in love and they make beautiful partners. They’re meant to be.”

As far as any pregnancy cravings, there’s been no pickles or ice cream for the actress and TV host. “Stacy eats clean, quality food,” says Gleyzer. “There is no garbage. She doesn’t eat French fries or milkshakes. You can splurge but still make healthy choices!”

Point proven. On June 7, after attending Club MomMe’s Spring Family Fest, Keibler and close pals celebrated her daughter’s imminent arrival with an intimate baby shower — complete with a healthy spread.

Seasonal organic dishes like quinoa salad were served, and in lieu of traditional treats, Keibler’s dessert table featured cakes that were sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free.

Now that it’s almost baby time, Keibler already has her post-baby workout plan in place. She plans to take 4-6 weeks off after welcoming her little girl.

“[Stacy] will be a natural mom,” says Gleyzer. “She’s all about love and sharing. I want her to have another baby soon!”

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