Stacy Keibler and Husband Jared Pobre Expecting Third Child: It's 'Nice' to Have a 'Tribe'

Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre — who share son Bodhi, 17 months, and daughter Ava, 5 — are expecting their third child, PEOPLE can exclusively reveal

Stacy Keibler and her husband Jared Pobre are ready to be outnumbered.

The former WWE star and tech entrepreneur — who already share son Bodhi Brooks, 17 months, and daughter Ava Grace, 5 — are expecting their third child in May, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Seeing the dynamic between our two kids is what made us want to have more kids,” Keibler, 40, tells PEOPLE. “We live in Jackson Hole, [Wyoming], and it’s so nice to just have a little tribe there.”

Adds Pobre, 44, “It’s exciting. I think once we had our second one, we totally got it and understood how to manage.”

Keibler and Pobre first found out they were pregnant with their third baby during the last week of August. “We did it together,” Keibler says. “We took a pregnancy test and literally revealed it to ourselves at the same time.”

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Stacy Keibler
Ben Trivett
Stacy Keibler
Ben Trivett

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But they waited to tell the rest of their family — in particular, Ava. “We wanted to wait until we were going to tell our parents,” Pobre says. “So we told her basically the day before.”

“Yeah, because she would tell everybody,” Keibler adds. “Which is exactly what she did.”

Keibler and Pobre broke the news to the kids that they’d be getting a little brother or sister by showing them a picture of the sonogram.

“We had a picture of the first sonogram and we brought my daughter in,” Keibler says. “My son — he’s too little. He was there with us when we told Ava, but she’s 5. So we expected her to be excited and we showed her a picture of the sonogram and we just said, ‘We have some really exciting news.’ ”

“She was so excited,” the third-time mom-to-be continues. “She was jumping up and down and she was just full of joy, which is heartwarming.”

Though the couple are keeping the baby’s sex under wraps for now, they say Ava is hoping for a little sister.

“Since she has a little brother, she’s like, ‘I really hope that I have a little sister,’ ” Keibler says. “And I’m like, ‘Well, you have to be happy for whatever God blesses us with.’ So, because she already has one, I think she really wants to have a little sister this time.”

Regardless of the outcome, they say Ava has been the best big sibling to Bodhi.

“They walk around the house holding hands and Bodhi loves his sister so much,” Keibler says. “He cries when she leaves for school, and then when she comes home from school, he screams. He hears her at the door and just screams. … Seeing that every day is why we want to have more.”

When Keibler and Pobre told their parents about the pregnancy, Pobre says they were “super excited and shocked.”

“I think my parents were pretty shocked,” Keibler says. “I’m an only child. When I was younger, I always wanted brothers and sisters, and I was always a babysitter and had cousins and loved taking care of little kids. We hadn’t really told them that we were going to try for a third. So it was new news. They were very happy and surprised.”

Keibler and Pobre were first introduced by a mutual friend 10 years ago, and always kept in touch. Then, serendipitously, they were seated next to each other on a flight and reconnected. As soon as they got married in 2014, Pobre says he knew he had the desire for a big family with Keibler.

“It’s what we wanted,” he says. “We had one and were like, ‘Let’s keep on going.’ ”

Keibler and Pobre split their time now between their homes in Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, where they decided to move after having kids.

“I really wanted to take a break from the spotlight for a little while and focus on family,” Keibler says of the move. “Jared and I both took a few years away from our careers and even took a four-year digital detox. I was off all social media for four years and it was great. Jackson Hole is a complete opposite lifestyle of Los Angeles. So we were able to really focus on all the things that are really important to us.”

Stacy Keibler
Ben Trivett

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Pobre says that he and Keibler visited Jackson Hole for the first time when Keibler was pregnant with Ava in 2014 .

“We went there during the summertime, and we had friends recommend it because I grew up in the [San Francisco] Bay Area,” he says. “I used to go to Tahoe, the Sierras, and love skiing, camping. Those are my fondest memories growing up. … [It] was one of my goals, or passions, to do that with my own children.”

“That’s when we went there for vacation and we fell in love with the community, and we ended up buying and building a house as a vacation home,” he tells PEOPLE.

Keibler says, “Every time we were there, we didn’t want to leave. We wanted to extend our trip every single time.”

“Then after going back and forth, and when Ava got to a certain point at 3 years old, and we’re looking at preschools here in L.A. and then were like, ‘Maybe we should just give it a shot with putting Ava in a preschool [in Jackson Hole],’ ” Pobre says. “They have incredible schools there.”

Now that Ava is old enough, Pobre says she’s enjoying all the things about Jackson Hole that he hoped she would. “Ava’s an amazing skier,” the proud dad praises. “We go hiking. We ride bikes. We go fishing.”

In January, Keibler and Pobre started their non-toxic luxury skincare line for men, Caldera + Lab, after noticing the toll travel between L.A. and Jackson Hole was taking on their skin. They also noticed the lack of skincare products out there tailored for men.

“I joke that it was June when I had Bodhi, and in January we had Caldera + Lab, which was our third child,” Keibler says. “Yeah, we’re having a fourth child.”

Keibler explains that she went on a “health journey” about 15 years ago and “became super conscious of every ingredient, whether it was on packages of food I was eating or in my beauty products or anything.”

“When we were pregnant with Ava, we had someone come to the house and do a deep dive into teaching us about toxic products in our house, with our cleaners and household products,” she says. “At first I was trying to get Jared to be like me and I was getting him to be more conscious about his skin care and things. And he was like, ‘You know, thank you, but don’t try to change everything about me.’ ”

“Then when we had this woman come over and we were pregnant, Jared really started opening his eyes to educating himself about toxic chemicals,” Keibler says. “When we moved to Jackson [Hole] and had this experience with our skin where we really saw that the harsh climate was affecting it, he was more conscious about products. He was using my products and he was using my serums, because that was the only thing that was really helping.”

Pobre says they then asked, “How come there aren’t any men’s brands doing the same great work in the clean-beauty movement that was happening for women?”

“That’s when we just got inspired to research it and decided that, ‘Hey, there’s an opportunity to do something great for men,’ ” he says. “Dads like me, brothers, etc. … and the idea was born.”

Currently, Caldera + Lab has a facial-treatment serum that was specifically designed for men as a simple one-step regime, called The Good. Most of the ingredients used in the serum are wild-harvested in Jackson Hole.

“They’re wild-harvested, so that’s one thing that makes our serum super unique,” Keibler says. “We’re the only men’s brand that is made safe and Cosmo certified, which is on the same standards as European levels. That’s really important to us, especially for women that are conscious [about buying] products for their men, especially for the holidays.”

Whether they’re dealing with something in business or parenting, Keibler says she and Pobre make a “great team.”

“Jared and I are really lucky,” she says. “That’s why it was all so easy for us. We’re a great team at home and a great team at work. We co-parent really well together, which makes life very easy for us.”

Stacy Keibler
Stacy Keibler. Ben Trivett

For Keibler, everything about this current pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far. “I’m super lucky I have really nice pregnancies, and so far, so good,” she says. “I’ve been really healthy and it has been pretty easy so far.”

And like with her last two pregnancies, she plans to have a home birth.

“I’ve had two successful home births, so we’ll hopefully do it again,” Keibler says. “[It’s like] going back to that cave-woman mentality. I live a very healthy lifestyle. I feel very comfortable with it and it’s not for everyone and I don’t even recommend it for all, for even some of my own friends. I think it’s something that’s very personal, but I feel very comfortable for myself doing it and have a very supportive family that supports me in it.”

Keibler couldn’t be more excited that her best friend Jenna Dewan — who is expecting a baby with boyfriend Steve Kazee (she also shares daughter Everly, 6½, with ex Channing Tatum) — is due around the same time as her.

“We talk every day and we’re super excited that we’re on this journey together,” she tells PEOPLE. “Everly and Ava are friends, but they’re a year apart. These babies will be the same. They’re only going to be a couple of weeks apart. So we’re super excited.”

As for whether she and Pobre will have more children in the future, Keibler says it’s up in the air. “Let’s see how it feels to be outnumbered!” the star says with a laugh.

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