Sprig Toys' Adventure Series: Smell My Truck, Mama!

I learned that, in a house full of boys, you should never smell anything they offer up with their sticky little hands, but this may be an exception to the rule. Sprig Adventure Series toys ($29-69) are made from “Sprigwood,” a blend of recycled plastic and wood and they smell like sawdust! This eco-friendly toy company has developed a line of rough-and-tumble toys with no batteries. They run on kid power alone. (Love that!)

As my son Finn pushes the cars along, the larger “Discover Rig” sings songs and tells stories, though the traction tires tend to make the voice hard to hear. It comes with a removable push handle, too. The smaller “Baja Scout” and “Rally Racer” vehicles have lights on the included drivers’ helmets that light the way for all kinds of adventures.

All of the toys are designed to keep kids and the planet healthy and happy. They are all paint free, come in eco-friendly packaging and they’re made in Canada. They even won a coveted “Platinum Best Toy Award” from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio.


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