Sponsor: the peanut shell® baby carrier. Comfortable. Stylish. Simple.

The Peanut Shell® is a simple baby sling that merges fun, form, and function. It comes in ton of colors (almost 40) and season-specific fabrics, and you can wear it six ways. Blue Orchid microfleece keeps little bitties toasty when it’s chilly; Retro Blues reversible works for year-round weather. There are plenty of bright stretch prints and colorful twills for all those play dates in between.

Compact and machine-washable, the Peanut Shell® travels easily and is priced reasonably. So there’s nothing stopping you from investing in a few. Including one to camouflage your darling’s every shade of puke.

Plus celebs like Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, Denise Richards (& more) are all fans. Available online at goo-ga.com.

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