Sponsor: No Slippy Hair Clippy to the rescue!

Imagine this. Your adorable baby girl (with a tiny wisp of hair) is sitting in your grocery cart, wearing a darling denim outfit. Along comes another shopper who stops and exclaims, "Oh, he’s so cute!" You can only smile and agree, wishing that there was a way to let people know that she is a girl, without having to explain it one more time. Certainly there must be some hair accessory that will stay in her fine hair!

You search and search for a cute bow with enough grip to stay in. That’s where No Slippy Hair Clippy® comes in! No Slippy Clips® were invented by a mom who had this very same dilemma. Each hair clip is a hand crafted wonder. Fully covered in Swiss velvet, it’s a pinch clip with a tiny magnet added, for a softer, tighter clasp.

Originally designed for babies and toddlers, No Slippy Hair Clippys are the perfect accessory to mix and match with any outfit, for any age. Now your little girl can have a good hair day, everyday!

Visit our online boutique and find the best selection of hair clips in the marketplace: www.hairclippy.com.

Just for Celebrity Baby Blog Readers: Buy any four $8 hair clips, and receive one free $8 hair clip. Just put in the name of the clip & color, and code CBB PROMO in the special instructions area.

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