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Wildly cute, imaginative, playful and fun, Beautiful Futures celebrates its philosophy that ‘Everything is Possible.’ What parent wouldn’t want this message instilled in the minds of all the little ones in their lives? World Peace? Yes! A little girl growing up to become President? Yes!! How about a little boy growing up to become a Brain Surgeon or a Race Car Driver? Yes, yes, and yes!!! Everything is Possible!

‘McDreamy,’ aka Patrick Dempsey’s little girl Tallulah has this fun one. And his two sons on the way were given ‘Rock Star’ and ‘Race Car Driver.’

Other celebrity parents who have Beautiful Futures in the closets of their little ones include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Brooke Shields, Heidi Klum and Kelly Ripa.

Beautiful Futures has been featured in or on Access Hollywood, In Touch, Pregnancy, Parents, iVillage and Earnshaws. Their adorable line is sold in high end children’s gift and clothing boutiques, yoga studios and museums such as The Art Institute of Chicago and UN International Gift Shop.

Vrooom, Vrooom, Vrooom. Rev it up with the super cute ‘Race Car Driver’ and let your little one dream of becoming the next Mario Andretti or Jeff Gordon

To become a Beautiful Futures ‘Very Special Shopper,’ make a purchase at BeautifulFutures.com from now until Tuesday, October 24th. Your first price break of 20% will be applied right then and for any other you make until October 24th, 2007. Please enter code ‘CBB’ at checkout.

Beautiful Futures wearables are made of heavy weight, 100% Yummy Soft Cotton. Free Shipping on all orders over $75.

Shop BeautifulFutures.com now or place an order by phone at 212.696.8973. (You must enter code ‘CBB’ at check out for your membership and 20% price break to take effect.)

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