By peoplestaff225
Updated January 24, 2006 09:00 AM

BabyLegs are leg warmers uniquely made for your little one(s). Just slip them on and they cover from the ankle, to the top of the thigh. Feet remain exposed to prevent slipping while crawling or cruising on any surface. BabyLegs protect your baby’s knees from sun, chaffing, or injury. They make changing diapers easy and fast. If socks are worn, BabyLegs also help keep socks on and in place!

Parents practicing elimination communication (EC) or Diaper Free (DF) will love the convenience of BabyLegs! They can also be worn by potty training toddlers to help them gain the confidence that only comes with going to the potty "all by themselves."

As your little ones grow so do BabyLegs. They will stretch to fit over pants when it’s chilly, provide fun style for dance recitals, and change designs with every holiday and season. BabyLegs also can be worn as arm warmers for all ages!