There are two things that my preschooler is totally into right now — computers and audio books. Put the two together and you get Speakaboos, an online publisher that celebrates kid’s stories, songs, games and educational activities for children — for free!

To put it lightly, my daughter has fallen madly in love with this site. I set up my laptop on her little table and she spends a good portion of every morning going through the site. The nursery rhymes and songs are currently her favorites. The site is set up in a great way because every time my pre-reader lays the mouse over a word, the computer dictates the word to her so that she always knows what she is clicking on. No help needed from Mommy!

Offering 50 titles such as Arthur, Goldilocks, The Ugly Duckling, Old McDonald and Aesop’s Fables with audio provided by talented actors and musicians such as Kevin Bacon, Nick Cannon, Kelly Ripa, Marcia Gay Harden, Harry Shearer and Chazz Palminteri, at least 15% of Speakaboos’ revenue is contributed directly to charities supporting children’s causes.

View the entire library online for free, or download the tracks onto your computer for only $0.99! All of the audio tracks are also available on and