Sound Off! How Did You Reward Your Children When Potty Training?

Potty training. It’s not fun, it’s not easy, but every parent has to do it. So how do you figure out the “right way” to potty train your child? And how do you encourage him or her to get through it, without falling into a vicious task-reward pattern?

We spoke with Tori Spelling last week, who’s currently potty training son Liam Aaron, 22 months, and she raised smart points about rewards. Tori told CBB, “My fear was getting [Liam] to do it and rewarding him – I didn’t want to be that mom who offered him a cookie when he used the bathroom. Because once you start with something like that, you can’t go back.” A CBB reader poll showed that the majority of readers rewarded children with praise and hugs first, stickers second.

So here’s your chance to Sound Off! How did you reward (or not reward) your child during potty training? Do you have tips for those currently potty training children?

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