The question of timing is usually an issue when parents contemplate making their firstborn a big brother or sister, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor says that the age gap between sons Sonny, 5, and Kit, 3 ½ months, has been ideal. “[It has] worked out well for us as Sonny is very secure in his world and able to understand a little bit about the demands Kit has,” she explains. “I try to make the effort to spend quality time with Sonny when Kit is asleep.”

Sophie — who continues to nurse Kit, whom she describes as “a hungry little piglet” — admits that breastfeeding hasn’t always been “the easiest choice,” especially in light of his premature delivery. For the first five weeks of his life, Sophie expressed her milk every three to four hours, something she describes as “emotionally draining.” At the same time, the circumstances steeled her reserve.

As for Sophie’s recovery, the 30-year-old songstress says she feels “pretty good.” Sleep deprivation is an issue, but exercise has helped combat her fatigue. Sophie shares that she’s not focusing on losing weight, however, for breastfeeding has her feeling hungrier than ever! “I just want to feel fit and healthy,” she explains. “For any new mums I think it’s essential to take it slowly with getting rid of the baby weight. Not least because it’ll stay off if you lose weight with healthy eating and exercise rather than some crash diet.” Sophie has also enjoyed returning to work; She recently shot a video for her new single “Heartbreak.” Although it felt “strange and hard” to be away from her new baby, Sophie says “it felt good to be dressing up and performing again.” She adds,

Sonny and Kit are Sophie’s children with husband Richard Jones.