Sooo Soxy: Embellished Socks for the Tiny Set & Much More

Sooo Soxy – headed up by Erin Ives, specializes in handmade clothing, accessories, and of course, socks! Erin makes adorable embellished socks and represents many items from other talented designers’ lines on her site.

She sent me two pairs to check out. She currently has five lines of socks, Vintage Baby, My Pretties, Rock-a-baby, Baby Boy, and Holiday Baby.

The first pair was from the "My Pretties" line. We saw the Pretties #4 socks ($10) – (pictured to the left) which is a pair of white cotton socks with lavender beads and silver-plated dragonflies securely crocheted on the cuffs. The socks were adorable. I actually was wondering if they were safe for my child to wear, but after seeing how securely the beads and dragonflies were attached, I was impressed.

Erin says on her website, "As a mother with two children I understand the safety issues. I want you to know that I have yet to have any of my socks come apart. In fact, from my experience, the sock will wear out before the embellishments come off! On most of my socks, I use beads that are small enough not to pose a choking threat. On socks that have larger embellishments, I have not only sewn them in place, but have glued them down with washable glue. My socks are very sturdy and (most) are machine washable/dryable."

The second pair was from the "Rock-a-baby" line – the saucy "Lookie Ladies" socks ($12) – sweet white cotton socks with pinup girls that are sewn AND glued and black hand crocheted cuffs.. You’re going to have to handwash these socks by Erin (but she indicates that on the product page and they are so cute that I don’t think you’ll mind).

Erin told me via email how she began her business, "Sooo Soxy! By Erin started a few years ago. I started with my socks and then built a website based upon people’s requests to see more socks. Soon, Sooo Soxy! became and expanded to a whole line of new items, all handmade just for children. I guess being a mom is what initially inspired me. I was always on the lookout for something unique for my own children that was classy and high quality. I know that every mom wants their child to look great!"

Sooo Soxy carries over 27 product lines by designers (a little too many to list!). Clothes for babies, toddlers, and little kids, soaps, toys, boxers for boys, hair clips, a mei tei baby carrier, diaper cakes..etc… All handmade. How awesome is that?

I also checked the darling Mocha Bloom Bloomers Set ($33) by Michele. It features the uber popular retro print on a chocolate brown background (which is so hot this season) and it comes with a sweet baby blue lap short sleeve tee with a flower applique with a yellow button. My little girl will be wearing it this summer and I loved creativeness of it! I also liked the Cowboy/cowgirl booties, by Sarah, the charming newborn hair clips by Amber, and the vintage inspired onesies and tees by Deb.


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