Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2: Finally, a camera that does it all?!?

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly trying to get that PERFECT picture. When my daughter was 1 year old she hammed it up like no tomorrow, but a year later she’s a different story. Getting her to smile, let alone sit still long enough, for a picture is downright painful. So when I heard about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2 digital camera I was intrigued. This tiny camera packs tons of features under the lens cover that will make Mom’s life so much easier (at least when taking pics), like 4GB of on-board memory (I’ll explain that in a minute), the ability to take pictures at 8.1 Megapixels, face detection and smile, yes you heard me right, detection. The question is, does it perform? I might not be a camera expert, but it sure did for me.

As stated above, I’m no camera expert, I turn to the folks at sites like the Digital Camera Resource Page when I need to know the goods on a camera. But I am a mom, a mom who has used Sony Cyber-shot cameras since I bought my first digital back in 2001. A mom who looks for great features as well as the ability to take stunning pics of her darling daughter. And this camera did a great job of delivering on both the user end and the picture end.

Memory sticks, or flash cards, used to be expensive. I paid a pretty penny for my 512MB card a couple years back, so when I saw this camera had 4GB of on-board memory I was excited. 4GB of memory can hold over a thousand pictures at 8MP quality, that’s A LOT of pics! You might never need a memory stick again. If you prefer to use a stick medium, you can use the Sony proprietary format of the Memory Stick Pro Duo. And if you know nothing about MPs (megapixels) then you’ll simply want to know that a photo shot at 8.1MP can be blown up into very large prints, like 20×24!

The lens cover is a sliding door that slides open and shut easily and does a fab job of protecting the lens while it’s closed. When in the closed position this camera is easy to toss in a bag and not worry about.

Another interesting feature about this camera is it has a touch screen LCD. With very few buttons and no dials, I quickly learned how to navigate the menus and get the camera working the way I wanted. I also was worried the touch screen would prove to be a nuisance when my daughter, inevitably got her hands on the camera. But, although touch sensitive, her fingers didn’t hit the necessary hot spots on the screen and I found none of my settings were ever changed. Keeping the camera out of your little one’s hands would be a better solution! You can even use the touch screen to touch in on the subject you want the camera to focus on, it doesn’t get much easier than that! And in a similar manner, just touch something in a picture you already snapped to immediately zoom into it. I really felt like I could control all sorts of cool things with the touch screen.

My favorite feature was the face detection. When turned on, face detection means you’ll never get a clear shot of the dog’s butt in place of your child’s precious face again. If you prefer to take off-kilter shots, turning this function off is very easy. And Sony has one-upped the face detection by including a newly developed technology called the smile shutter. This nifty feature, when turned on, will lock in on your subject and wait until it detects the movement of the mouth into a smile. You really have to see it in action to understand how it works and believe it. But it really does wait for the mouth to upturn or open slightly before it clicks. I would have killed for this feature when my daughter was learning to smile, but I found that, at 2 years old, she wouldn’t sit still long enough for the feature to "calculate" her smile. Like all features, this one is also easily turned off if you wish to just capture your child in their natural glory.

The last feature this camera boasts that should attract moms are the playback options. First of all, with the purchase of a separate HDMI cable accessory, you can attach this camera to your HD TV and watch your pictures go by in full 1080P, you can also use a regular audio/video cable to watch them in standard definition if HD isn’t your thing. Another cool option is the scrapbook option. In playback mode, you can select to view your pictures in an array of scrapbook-like pages, making for a fun visual.

I tested this camera out in the beautiful, bright pink color, but I have to say that all the colors were equally impressive. It comes in black, white, blue, green and pink (and it can even be engraved), stunning pictures aside, the camera was picture perfect on its own! I really think this camera does a wonderful job of taking everyday pictures with some great technology. If you’re not a point and shoot camera person though, don’t bother, as this camera will not take the place of a Digital SLR.

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