SonicStef Design: Custom Designs for Everyday Moments

I love recommendingcompanies that I used prior to them knowing I was a reviews editor, especiallywhen said companies exceed my expectations. I can say that about SonicStefDesign, the company I used to do my baby announcements back when my daughter wasborn last year.

What makes thecompany so unique is the fact that every design is custom-made for you. The designer (and owner) works with youthroughout the entire process from conceptualizing the idea to the finishedproduct. The experience feels like it’stotally hands-on and you feel like you’re really involved except…well…you’renot really doing the work.

My babyannouncements were nestled in a paper diaper and fastened with a real pin. I lovedthem! Aside from baby announcements, SonicStef Design also does invitations, logos and much more to mark the important moments worthy of something out ofthe ordinary.

Since the items are custom-tailored prices vary butyou can check out past designs on her online portfolio. To order visit thewebsite,

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