Songs for the Coolest Kids: Princess Katie and Racer Steve

I’m always searching for kids music that I can play in mycar for my daughter that doesn’t make me want to reach into the cd player andthrow the entire thing out the window while doing 70 on the interstate. Needless to say, I was really happy toreceive Songs for the Coolest Kids by Princess Katie and Racer Steve, a cd thatwe easily play on repeat in our house and in our car on a daily basis.

Songs for the Coolest Kids, performed by husband and wifeteam Katie O’Sullivan and Steve Borne (better known as Princess Katie and RacerSteve), is full of catchy tunes with a positive undertone. Songs like Sid theBully, Worrying is Boring and Tell the Truth are not only funny, but also sendout the kind of message that you’ll want kids to hear. The music is done really well (if you didn’tlisten to the lyrics you wouldn’t think it was music designed specifically forkids) and Princess Katie has a great voice. As an added bonus, my daughter,Catie, loves hearing her name used in the songs!

If you are looking to buy some great music or want to learnmore about Princess Katie and Racer Steve, check out their website, highly recommend this cd.

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