Soleil Moon Frye Launching New Kid-Friendly Entertaining Guide

The mom of two plans to write a how-to party guide for families that will be published next fall.

Busy isn’t enough to describe mom of two Soleil Moon Frye. Not only is she the doting mother of daughters Poet, 7, and Jagger, 4½, but she also owns an eco-friendly kids store (The Little Seed), acts as Target‘s Mommy Ambassador and has also written a memoir that chronicles her happy journey from child star to parent.

A full plate? Not for her. The former Punky Brewster star recently announced she’s penning a how-to party guide full of tips on how to throw affordable, stress-free, and kid-friendly get-togethers, which will be published next fall by Stewart, Tabori & Chang.

“I love putting together parties for our family. I get super excited at any chance to celebrate,” Moon Frye tells PEOPLE. “And it’s also really important to me that I involve the kids. Actually, they have become little party planners themselves.”

Along with beautiful illustrations, the book will also feature kid-approved recipes, easy crafts and party ideas that will make any occasion a “little brighter.”

“My house was like summer camp growing up. It was the home that everyone came to and celebrated in,” she shares. “So I think part of the inspiration came from the love that my mom put into every special holiday and birthday. We didn’t have much money when I was little, but my mom made everything unique and one of a kind.”

And just like most of her endeavors, this project will also be a family affair. “My big brother [Meeno Peluce] is an amazing photographer, and he is taking the photos for the book. And my kids and I are having a blast putting the celebrations together. This is a true labor of love.”

So what kind of party-planning tips does the former actress plan to share? “It is really important to me that everything in the book is something you can really do. Not everything has to be overwhelming,” she explains.

“When Poet’s birthday fell during the same time as my NYC book launch for Happy Chaos, Jagger and I stayed up late decorating the room with streamers and a piñata so when Poet woke up in the morning, she would be surprised. It’s still one of her favorite birthday memories.”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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