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When it comes to how her daughters, 10-year-old Poet and 7-year-old Jagger, dress, Soleil Moon Frye gives them free rein.

“I have friends that are much more conscious and so amazingly stylish, and their kids literally have design to the T,” the actress, 39, tells PEOPLE. “My girls are much more like anything goes. And I just let them go for it.”

Frye sees her kids’ fashion choices as one of the ways they express themselves.

“I feel like it’s just such self expression, and I don’t want to ever limit them from what they do,” she says. “Sometimes I’ll say, ‘Hey, can we go with this style?’ and usually they’ll shut it down, and have much more their own design sense. They’re such individuals, and so I really try to encourage them to be individuals.”

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And while she says she’s let her daughters have “rainbow hair,” there are some places where Frye draws the line.

“There are certain rules,” she says. “I find myself being like, ‘No belly shirts!’ ‘Those shorts are too short!’ I find myself being more conservative in certain areas.”

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Frye — who is also mom to son Lyric Sunny Roads, 18 months — says her two girls have very different senses of style.

“Jagger reminds me very much of [my former character] Punky Brewster,” she says. “She’s so her own little person when it comes to designs. I’ll throw out ideas, and she’ll come in with horse pants and rainbow shirts and hot pink. She really is breaking the mold.”

“Poet’s more staying-inside-the-lines and more conscientious of things, and Jagger’s more crazy with her ideas,” she continues. “I love it. It’s so fun to see both.”

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To see how Frye’s kids styled their mom, pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.

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— Gabrielle Olya

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