August 13, 2018 01:35 PM

Soleil Moon Frye knows a thing or two about being a child actress — and it’s no surprise her daughters want to follow in her footsteps.

The former Punky Brewster star and Nutrisystem ambassador, 42, tells PEOPLE that 10-year-old Jagger Joseph Blue and Poet Sienna Rose, 13 this month, dream about making it in the entertainment business.

“My 10-year-old is obsessed and asks me every day. I keep telling her, ‘Okay, just a little longer, we’ll see.’ But she is yearning in every way. Every single day she begs to be in the business, and to be in front of the camera or on stage,” Frye said Wednesday at her 42nd birthday celebration in Santa Monica, California. “I encourage her to do plays. She really, really loves performing.”

“Poet is this amazing public speaker,” adds the mother of four. “I could definitely see her hosting something amazing. She’s also an incredible advocate and speaks on things she believes in.”

It’s not just their mom whom the girls get their performance bug from. Their dad, producer Jason Goldberg, is also deeply entrenched in Hollywood, having produced Punk’d with Ashton Kutcher as well as The Butterfly Effect and the 2010 Kutcher film Killers.

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The couple’s 4½ -year-old son Lyric Sonny Roads also seems to have inherited a love for performance, as Frye says he is “a mini comedian.”

“All he wants to do is make everybody laugh,” she tells PEOPLE. “He says things that are completely inappropriate and he’s the funniest little guy you’ve ever met.”

Her youngest child, son Story, has a different outlook, even at such a young age. “My 2-year-old pushes away the camera any time I get near him. He is not into the camera right now,” Frye says, laughing.

Soleil Moon Frye

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While Frye is happy her children enjoy performing and expressing their creativity, she says she isn’t in a rush for them to grow up and try to make it in Hollywood.

“I really had an amazing experience growing up in the business but I think so much of that had to with the fact that my mom really put such an importance on us to have a childhood, and having us go to camp and having those kids’ experiences,” says the star.

“I’m certainly aware of the trials and tribulations that come with [working in Hollywood]. I feel like I was incredibly lucky and blessed to have a family that was my foundation. But I also really want my kids to be kids. It’s a balance,” she adds. “I love working and I want my kids to do what they love, so if they’re incredibly passionate about it, I don’t want to hold them back from their passion. But it’s a balance with wanting to give them all their kids’ experiences.”

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