Update: Solana Introduces Organic Swaddle Wraps

Solana just introduced organic swaddle wraps ($39.99) in two types, sheer and stretchy. The stretchy wrap really came in handy the other night. My 11 week old has gotten so big and long. I quickly wrapped her in Solana’s oversize stretchy blanket and she went back to sleep. Luckily so did I! Solana has 6 new organic swaddle wraps. With trims such as "baby tree" – a swirly green, "pure hugs" – dark blue swirls on light blue, and "flower child" – flowers in different shades of pink; these blankets come in either sheer or stretchy organic cotton. Oversized at 45" by 45", these blankets are made in the USA.

This is one blanket she will not grow out of — I even doubled it over like a triangle and it still fit her. Most likely we’ll stop swaddling her in a few weeks, but it was good having an over-sized swaddle wraps. These blankets can also serve as lightweight covers for your stroller or as nursing shawls.

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Original review of Solana

My husband and I are big followers of Dr. Harvey Karp, who recommends swaddling as part of his 5 S’s for calming a baby (swaddling, shushing, swinging (NOT SHAKING), sucking (pacis) and side-positioning the baby). Thanks to my cousin Andi, we knew to know this before our son arrived two years ago. We had trouble swaddling Ben, due to our own inefficiency in wrapping him up. But with Solana‘s lightweight blankets made of muslin or gauze, we will be ready to swaddle baby #2 a little better.

According to Solana‘s website, "Our 100% cotton, soft and thin baby swaddle blankets are designed to comfort babies without overheating them. They are also made large enough to ensure a secure swaddle for either a small or big baby. Because our fabrics are so breathable, you can still feel the shape of your baby through the wrap. This allows you to not only get a good grip but your baby can also feel the warmth and comfort of your arms and hands as you hold them." And, of course, the prints and patterns are also cute (another plus).

Doctors recommend not to swaddle the baby with heavy blankets (risk of overheating). Since our apartment building turns up the heat way too high, especially in the winter, we will be using Solana’s Swaddle Wraps to keep our baby comfortable and calm!! Celebs also love these wraps – they’ve been gifted to Tori Spelling, Marcia Cross and Samantha Harris.

These lightweight swaddle blankets are hand-made in Australia. The website also has detailed swaddling directions for those clueless parents like me!

Solana was started by Teresa Marcum and Sunny Willmington-Wight. They each had two children and discovered swaddling was too hot in the Arizona heat. So they tried swaddling with larger squares of lightweight cotton. They were also big fans of Dr. Karp. "They decided that using their wraps with the ‘Happiest Baby’ soothing techniques was something every mom should have in their book of baby tricks! And so Solana Babywear was born! As the company evolved and as they did more research, the friends were excited to discover that recent medical studies and physicians were recommending swaddling to help prevent colic, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome; and that they also recommend swaddling in nothing thicker than a t-shirt to help prevent SIDS linked to overheating. Thrilled that they could offer a product to help moms protect their babies and to help everyone get a good nights sleep, Theresa and Sunny heartily pursued their dreams. They now proudly offer a wide range of loose-weave, breathable and over-sized swaddling wraps so moms in every climate can help to soothe and protect their babies."

We’re loving Solana. You can get the starter two pack for $20 or the special or limited editions for $30 each. A portion of the proceeds go to Shaken Baby Syndrome Charities.

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