May 30, 2014 05:00 PM

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It must be pretty convenient to have a best friend before you are even born. It looks like Jenni “JWoww” Farley‘s and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s daughters will have a built-in bestie when they enter the world.

Farley, 28, says she and best pal Polizzi’s offspring better learn to love each other no matter what.

“They f—ing better [get along],” Farley, who is due in early July, told PEOPLE Thursday at WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premiere party in New York City. “They’re basically cousins. There’s no option. You’re sisters.”

And Polizzi, 26, shares Farley’s dream of a Jersey Shore next generation that’s attached at the hip.

“Me and Jenni see each other almost every single day,” says Polizzi. “I just feel like our kids are bound to be best friends and hang out all the time. They’re going to grow up and be like cousins. They’ll like each other, I hope.”

Polizzi will welcome a daughter this fall, and tells PEOPLE her second pregnancy is proving very different than when she was expecting son Lorenzo Dominic, now 21 months.

“With Lorenzo I didn’t do anything,” she explains. “I just sat on the couch, ate whatever I wanted, and I was miserable. With this second pregnancy, I’m always keeping active. I’m getting married shortly after I give birth, so I’ve got to be able to fit in my dress.”

And although Farley’s due date is fast approaching, she says she’s still not totally prepared.

“I want her out, but I don’t know what happens when she’s out,” admits the mom-to-be. “I can’t just shove her back in and say, ‘Stay in there.’ Her room’s not ready. But she’s not even going to be in her room for like the first six months. I’m just being selfish and I just want it to be pretty.”

When asked about raising a girl, Farley says she wants her daughter to inherit her confidence.

“If there’s anything I could teach her it’s just to feel powerful in your own body,” says Farley, who fought back after TMZ poked fun at her appearance earlier this week. “Just know that this is you and you own it and nobody can take that away from you. No matter what they say.”

However, Polizzi is nervous when it comes to raising her mini-me.

“Girls are trouble and I know what I was doing when I was a teenager,” says Polizzi. “It scares the s— out of me. But at least me and Jenni are both going through it together.”

— Emma Tyler

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