By peoplestaff225
Updated April 27, 2005 03:26 PM

My favorite thing about Saturday Night Live, head writer and cast member, Tina Fey, is going to be joining former SNL-er Ana Gasteyer in the ranks of Pregnant while on SNL this year because she’s pregnant! The librarian-chic smartmouth who headlines "Weekend Update" is expecting her first child with husband Jeff Richmond in September. I can’t wait to see her belly grow this summer.

When interviewed by the Sun-Times last year, Fey talked about motherhood and mentioned her friend (and future ”Wicked” star) Ana Gasteyer chose to quit "SNL" when her first baby came along. ”It’s the kind of thing … I wouldn’t know how I feel about it until it was actually happening,” said Fey, who also is working on a sitcom pilot for NBC.

No word on Maya Rudoph who is frequently rumored to be pregnant.

Thanks to CBB Reader Megan!