August 02, 2018 05:01 PM
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Courtesy Snapchat

From the moment you become a parent, two things become almost instantly clear: You’re going to want to take so many pictures of your child that your camera icon feels hot to the touch, and you also can’t have your phone out for more than 30 seconds without feeling guilty about the dangers of screen time (or your own inability to look away from your Instagram feed). So when Snapchat came to demo their relaunched Spectacles, with all its fancy new features (water resistance! easy video and photo recording! chargeable phone case!) my immediate reaction wasn’t “Wow, this will be so awesome for my amazing beach and festival content, because I am a cool influencer!” – as I’m sure they would have liked – it was “Oh, my God, this is a parent’s secret weapon!”

No more simultaneously trying to keep my kid from drowning in the ocean, take precious photos of him squealing in the water and not drop my phone into the surf! No more pushing him on the swing with one hand while attempting to snap a fun shot for his grandparents with the other! No more frantically fishing in my purse to grab my phone out to capture a moment that I’ve inevitably missed by the time I get the camera app opened! If you’ve got the Spectacles on, you just reach up and tap once to record video or hold a bit longer to snap a photo. It’s actually kind of genius.

Snapchat streamlined and lightened the design, toned down the colors from the initial launch, and made the camera component less obvious, but yes, they still look a little doofier than your average pair of sunglasses. However, I’m already trundling around town in sensible sneakers, washable clothing and a giant diaper bag, so I’ve embraced the mantra that ease-of-use and convenience trumps style any day. I’m bringing these to the pool this weekend and am excited to get that oh-so-shareable shot of my kid jumping in the water to me – with both hands free and my phone safely stashed in my bag.

Buy It! Spectacles by Snapchat, $150; (or if you want the cheaper, older iteration, $130;

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