Sleep Better Knowing Your Baby Is Safe: Breathable Baby Crib Shield

I was the pregnant woman that fought the idea of bumpers being dangerous and thought that many moms were being WAY too paranoid. I needed my beautiful baby nursery, I had a reputation to uphold! About a week ago my very curious 5.5 month old pulled her bumper right off the tie and when I came to check on her during a nap, the bumper was sitting on top of her. Thankfully she was fine, but I had to remove it immediately because there was no way I was going to sleep well that night.

The next morning I found her with her little hand in between the rails. She was again okay and she could pull her hand in and out of the rails but this also made me a little anxious. I searched and searched online for an alternative solution and came across the company Breathable Baby. They’ve come up with a wonderful product called the Breathable Baby Crib Shield.

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The Breathable Baby Crib Shield fits securely around the crib, and there is no wayany child is getting through it. It has a breathable mesh that helpsair circulate and keeps arms and legs in crib. There are Velcrofasteners all the way around, in every possible direction for a VERYtight and secure fit. Even my little curious one can’t get through andbelieve me, she has tried. The top is lined in a gingham (the companytold me to expect new colors coming soon – I am not much of a gingham fan)and so are all the ties. They also fit pretty much every crib designand it moves with the rail when you drop it and it covers the top forwhen baby starts pulling up and teething on the rail. The only negativeis, if you have a Tiny Love mobile it is very difficult to put it onthe crib now. I basically put it at the end of the crib where the meshends, but if you have a very little baby and this bothers you … I wouldsuggest the Breathable Baby Bumper, which is also a great idea and probably better for newborns.

I am very happy with this product and highly suggest it. I actuallywish I had bought the bumper when my daughter was a newborn. I may haveslept better not worrying she was jamming her face in to her bumper atnight. If the look bothers you and you’re a mom-to-be that has dreamedabout your baby’s bumper for years, you can always make a beautiful bedskirt, sheet, walls, window treatments, etc. Believe me, it’s worthit!

Another bonus is that they only cost $29.95!

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