Skip Hop Palatte Plate: Designed to Tempt Your Little Artiste

Have you heard about the new Skip Hop Palatte Plate ($28)? Probably one of the best ideas for a kids’ plate I’ve ever seen.

Features of this plate include:
-Three drop-in bowls that are microwave safe and fit right into the Palette Plate for easy serving.
-Translucent covers for the three drop-in bowls.
-A skid-resistant base keeps it in place during mealtime.
-Skid-resistant area for a cup, and matching utensils are included.

My own toddler is a typical grazer. With the Palatte Plate, I can serve a few of the foods he likes and let him serve himself. I can also put veggies or cut-up pita in one or two of the cups and put ranch dressing or hummus in the last cup and let him go to town! A few antibiotic-free chicken nuggets will fit in the open bowl part of the plate.

After he eats a little, he wants to get up and play trucks. Instead of hunting for tupperware or a baggie to put his food into, I can take the three cups out of the plate, stick the accompanying cover on each one and stick it in the fridge for later. Though I wouldn’t save the hummus or ranch dressing (I’ve learned the use the barest amount with him), but the veggies and pita will keep well!!

Also, your toddler will like the appealing look of the palatte plate. Congrats Skip Hop, another hit!!

Check Skip Hop for a list of retailers.

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