Skip Hop Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag

Call me the skeptic mom when it comes to “frivolous” baby products. A diaper bag – that would fall into that category. After all, any roomy bag can double as a carryall for baby’s diapers, changing pad, bottle, snack, toy, right? Well, yes and no. My tote bag quickly became a jumbled mess, with my son’s stuff piled in with my own essentials. Every time I reached in for, say a bottle, another item would come out, much like a comical fishing expedition. So in came Skip Hop’s Dash Deluxe Diaper Bag ($65) to the rescue.

First off, I loved the look of the sturdy poly-canvas bag with its streamlined design. And you wouldn’t know from the look of it that it’s a diaper bag, or that it houses numerous compartments, each designed to hold — and keep organized – baby’s essentials, from bottles, diapers to a built-in changing pad discreetly tucked away in the bag’s back pocket. And bonus: I was able to fit my own things – a wallet, keys, cell phone, makeup case — in there too.

While the bag fits nicely on our son’s stroller, on many occasions I’ve used it for its original intent – as a shoulder bag – when I take my son in a sling for no-hassle trips to the city. With a growing toddler to carry, the lightweight diaper bag didn’t weigh me down. And that’s good news to any mom on the go.

— Julia

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