Celebrity Baby Blog moves from 4-column to 3-column layout

Last evening, we published a new template that condensed our 4-column design into a 3-column one by eliminating the column on the far right and widening the middle column. This will allow us to nearly double the size of images, make for better readability, and provide a less cluttered look. So far the transition has been very clean, but if something looks wonky to you, please take a screenshot and email it to us or describe what’s not right in the comments and include what operating system you use and which version of browser (such as Windows Vista, Explorer 6.0).

Please note that the larger photos will be posted moving forward, but they will still appear at their former size in all posts previous to Sunday the 24th. However, you can still click to enlarge as you have in the past. Also, we are still publishing the changes across older posts so you won’t see the 3-column layout on those pages right away.

Click Continue Reading to see what you should be seeing. Please take our poll, and let us know what you think in the comments. So far over 2,000 people have voted — 79% like it and only 7% don’t, so that’s a really good sign to us that we made the right decision!Opinion Polls & Market Research

Here’s the layout you should be seeing:

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